ETTS Tankers are built to specifications
that allow our customers to rely on them
for many years of quality service.

We at ETTS offer a wide range of
construction options:

Tanker/Tender, Pumper/Tanker,
Rescue/Pumper, with options of water
capacity from 1500 to 4000 gallons.
Water for when and where you need it most.
Your critical needs for water delivery and extinquishing are met by ETTS and it's commitment to your department's fire-rescue fleet.

With a warranty on workmanship that leaves you feeling safe, not sorry, ETTS will deliver your product with individualized service and careful attention to detail.

ETTS will make it right for you!
ETTS can build a firefighting apparatus
on your chassis or ours with a selection
of models available depending upon YOUR
NEEDS. Also, multiple options are
available to meet those needs within your
unique service area: Pumps up to 1750 gpm, additional dump valves, additional storage compartments, deck guns, larger hose reels, front bumper turrets and many more....just let us know your needs and we'll work with our preferred vendor/partners to supply the best options for your custom apparatus.

ETTS will refurbish or upgrade your department's existing apparatus. Whether it needs new paint, new chassis, new body or anywhere in between, ETTS will handle your needs, large or small, with the care of quality of a brand new apparatus.
We at ETTS specialize in building new tank bodies onto refurbished chassis that results in a high quality firefighting apparatus but keeps costs within budget.

Call ETTS to receive a list of our references to contact.