• Coastal defense search radar
    Coastal defense search radar

    Product name:
    ZHD-X1 coastal defense search radar

    Product description:
    ZHD-X1 coastal defense search radar is used to detect and track moving or stationary ship targets in the coastal waters (lakes), and can report status information and image information to the monitoring system through the Ethernet port to achieve all-weather monitoring of water surface targets in the prevention and control area. The platform software of the monitoring system can receive the data of the automatic identification system (AIS) equipment, and integrate it with the radar template information to eliminate non-threatening targets. The radar has a large field of view and all-weather target detection and tracking capability, which can guide the small field of view and high-resolution photoelectric turntable size to track specific targets and obtain high-definition images, so as to realize the confirmation, recognition and forensics of ship targets.

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