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    Wuxi Weida Electron Technology Co.,Ltd. is domestic late Wuxi Weida Intelligent Electronics Co., Ltd. is one of the enterprises in the field of OEM processing business in China late. However, after several years of unremitting efforts, has formed a professional team engaged in OEM product development, production, service and rich experience, from the customer's initial proposal of product concept to the specific planning and design of products, the fine production of samples, and the perfect service after the sale of OEM products, all reflect the scientific spirit of thinking and excellence for users. The company's OEM business scope:
    to undertake home appliances, electronic product enclosure OEM production and processing business.
    Undertake OEM production and processing business of various types of electronic products. The main OEM users of air conditioning computer control boards are domestic air conditioning manufacturers such as ST, Haier and Hisense.
    Undertake OEM production and processing business of various types of civil or industrial smart meters such as electricity meters, gas meters, water meters, etc.
    With the continuous expansion of the company's resource capacity, many high, fine and cutting-edge equipment with international advanced level have been put into operation to ensure the completion of OEM product projects on schedule and quality improvement. Nowadays, the company has an annual output of 3 million chassis, 3 million sets of power supplies, 500,000 intelligent civil instruments and other products of the standardized production line, as well as a large number of early production, research and development, testing equipment, with rapid development, rapid production, rapid service of the comprehensive strength. The company firmly believes that with your joining, the company will certainly help to enhance the market position of your products.
    We sincerely welcome OEM users to conduct business negotiations with our company.

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